he King D. Dinis assigned the first royal charter to Arraiolos in 1290. In 1305, the same king built the castle and made it his home.

The village was the county of D. Nuno Álvares Pereira, 2nd Count of Arraiolos, from 1387, which continued here during long periods of his life.

In 1511, D. Manuel assigned the town a new charter.


  • Arraiolos Castle

  • We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Loios Convent


Arraiolos Rugs


Also famous for the village are the famous Arraiolos Carpets, full of history embroidered by hand by generations of embroiderers throughout the ages.


They are part of the best known and probably oldest crafts in Portugal. Despite the uncertainties, there are studies that prove that this art of the Arraiolos Carpets started with the Moors, during the 12th century. It was developed as we know it today in the 15th century, having reached its peak in the 18th century, with floral motifs.


The production of these rugs was originated, first, by the abundance of raw materials (wool, looms and a large number of artisans linked to weaving) and, later, by the presence and influence of Islamic tapestry makers, who were in Portugal between the 8th centuries and XV.



vora was taken from the Moors in 1165 by the action of the knight Geraldo sem Pavor, responsible for the Christian reconquest of several localities in Alentejo.

Thus, a new stage of growth of the city was inaugurated, which reached the 16th century as the second most important city in the kingdom.

D. Afonso Henriques granted him his first charter (feudal rights charter) in 1166, and established the Order of the Knights of Calatrava in the city

(later Order of Avis).


  • Diana Temple

  • Evora Cathedral

  • Chapel of Bones


  • Esporão / Carthusian wineries

  • Wine tasting



ila de Monsaraz was conquered from the Moors, in 1167, by the men of Geraldo Sem Pavor. The first Charter was granted by D. Afonso III, on January 15th, 1276.

  • Monsaraz Castle

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